Covance Team Leader in Harrogate, United Kingdom

Job Overview

Pre-Clinical Histology Workgroups provide support to Covance Safety Assessment (SA) over a wide range of cellular pathology functions. These include, but are not limited to: all processes involved in H&E-based histology across all toxicology species; support of other Histology staff in specialised cellular pathology procedures; and support of other SA post-life areas as required. Senior workgroup members also undertake functional, area and study co-ordination responsibilities, and possess the ability to deputise for Workgroup Team Leaders as required.

The jobholder has highly specific responsibilities in relation to H&E histology, and formal management responsibility for a group of up to 12 people. Reportees of the Team Leader will include Laboratory Technicians and Cellular Pathology Scientists. Production responsibilities will include the co-ordination of >150,000 tissues per year through the histology process. Management responsibilities will include functional control to ensure study performance in accordance with requirements; and personnel management for all people under the jobholder’s control.

The jobholder will work closely in conjunction with Pre-Clinical Histology Client Scientists to ensure co-ordinated and optimal performance of their overall study responsibilities.

The jobholder will be expected to progress through the in-grade stages of this Senior Cellular Pathology Scientist 1 position by gaining and maintaining proficiency in appropriate selected competencies.

Duties and Responsibilities :

The jobholder has direct subordinates.

  • The jobholder is expected to provide technical and operational guidance to all personnel under their control.

  • The jobholder is expected to undertake other supervisory responsibilities within Pre-Clinical Histology as required.

  • The job is a locally based position in a single cost centre within the SA Business Unit.

  • The jobholder has no direct P&L and/or Budget responsibilities but is required to display appropriate awareness of revenue generating implications during performance of their operational and managerial duties. The jobholder is expected to extend this awareness to other personnel working under their supervision.

  • The jobholder is expected to support other SA operational and scientific personnel as required and is expected to be able to liaise with these personnel directly in areas relevant to their expertise/experience.

  • The jobholder is expected to possess the ability to ‘rotate’ across different Pre-Clinical Workgroups within pre-agreed timeframes.

The jobholder is expected to undertake the following additional duties and responsibilities:


  • To have management responsibility for the daily organisation of a group of Pre-Clinical Histology Workgroup Cellular Pathology Scientists and Laboratory Technicians. The role involves the efficient utilisation of all resources available to produce a high quality product to pre-determined client target dates.

  • To be fully involved in the recruitment, selection, induction and appraisal of staff which fall under line management responsibilities.

  • To make recommendations to line management for the promotion and in-grade progression of direct subordinates in accordance with company guidelines.

  • To work in conjunction with subordinates on specific technical/productivity/quality initiatives and to ensure such initiatives are effectively implemented and controlled.


  • To be fully conversant with Covance Quality Systems including the concepts of Signature Client Service.

  • To ensure quality/timeliness of all personal work performed meets required standards. To ensure these standards are also achieved in personnel under jobholder’s supervision.

  • To implement and maintain quality improvement and measurement initiatives for processes under jobholder’s control.


  • To successfully integrate into the Histology Pre-clinical Workgroup, departmental and SA structures.

  • To undergo training as required in histology functions and work towards the specific competency levels required for this Senior Cellular Pathology Scientist 1 position.

  • To participate in all other appropriate internal/external training and education activities.

  • To participate in the Covance Performance Management & Development (appraisal) process.

  • To maintain accurate and timely-completed personal training records. To ensure similar records are also maintained for personnel under jobholder’s supervision.

  • To supervise the mentoring and training of Trainee Cellular Pathology Scientists during the probationary employment period. To ensure probationary assessments are completed for such personnel.

  • To work with the designated Team Scientists to design & implement training and development plans to meet current and forecast future business requirements for all other personnel under the jobholder’s control.


  • To be competent in all H&E histology-based operational procedures for rodent and non-rodent enteral studies. These procedures include, but may not be limited to: use of different fixatives, tissue trimming, decalcification, paraffin processing & embedding, paraffin microtomy, staining and collation (quality control).

  • To be competent in H&E histology-based operational procedures for a comprehensive range of rodent and non-rodent parenteral studies. These study types include, but may not be limited to: inhalation/intranasal, injection site dosing, short-term toxicology, safety pharmacology and continuous infusion.

  • To be competent in a selected range of other histology procedures. These procedures may include, but not be limited to: cryosectioning, resin microtomy and specialised decalcification, processing and staining.

  • To maintain an appropriate professional perspective on previous and current developments in cellular pathology.

  • To use theoretical knowledge of cellular pathology practices to ensure optimum technical standards are maintained during histology operations. To impart such knowledge to other personnel under jobholder’s control.

  • To be able to brief local team on relevant aspects of SA study design and requirements so as to ensure successful performance of the histology phase.

  • To work with Pre-Clinical Histology Manager(s) as appropriate to ensure the overall production requirements for the workgroup are aligned to the current and future forecast business requirements.

  • To work with the relevant Client/Team Scientists to ensure that non-standard histology requirements are optimally incorporated into workgroup study performance.

  • To be able to evaluate, document and report on the suitability of potential new equipment and new/revised procedural processes for the department.

  • To be able to prepare and analyse productivity and quality data and parameters for self and team as required. To be able to prepare and implement action plans from such data for self and team.


  • To have a clear understanding of GLP/SOPs and their implications for Histology, and to work in strict accordance with GLP/SOPs at all times. Principally, this will entail adherence to the relevant Good Laboratory Practice regulations as issued by the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA); the relevant OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice and Compliance Monitoring; and the relevant OECD Guidelines on the Organisation and Management of Multi-Site Studies.

  • To maintain accurate and timely-completed P&P/SOP reading records.

  • To be responsible for SOP initiation/revision/review as required.

  • To work with non-Covance Principal Investigators/Study Directors on multi-site studies as required to ensure compliance under current regulatory requirements.


  • To work with other senior department personnel as required to consider appropriate financial implications of ongoing and forecast future workgroup activities. To ensure personnel under jobholder’s control are aware of financial parameters as appropriate.

  • To be able to recommend and implement cost-saving initiatives for processes under jobholder’s local control.


  • To personally comply with company and departmental safety regulations at all times and ensure similar compliance by personnel under the jobholder’s control.

  • To ensure all areas under the jobholder’s control are kept clean and tidy and ensure similar compliance by personnel under the jobholder’s control.

  • To ensure open and honest communication at all times and actively encourage new ideas and positive thinking among all personnel. To promote good relationships with other departments, maintaining close liaison on matters of mutual interest.

  • To comply with company and departmental requirements pertaining to security and confidentiality considerations.

  • To be able to use photographic and video recording equipment for approved business purposes as controlled by appropriate Covance Policies and Procedures.

  • To carry out any duties not specified but might reasonably be expected of a Senior Cellular Pathology Scientist 1 in this position.

Education / Qualifications


  • Preferably A levels (or equivalents) in scientific subjects.

  • Preferably BSc (Hons) in Biomedical/Biological Sciences.

  • Preferably a qualification in supervisory management.

  • Participation in an approved Continuing Professional Development programme at a level commensurate with experience, education and professional body membership.



  • Preferably minimum 9 years previous operational histology experience.

  • Preferably experience in supervision of operational teams.

Job Number 2018-21327

Job Category Scientific Advanced Degree

Position Type Full-Time

Covance is committed to diversity in the workplace and is an equal opportunity employer (Minority/Female/Individual with Disability/Veteran/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity). Your confidentiality and privacy are important to us.